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Palette of Reflection

As I reflect on my travels through Germany, Norway, and Los Angeles, I realize how much art shaped my journey of self-discovery. Each place felt like a different chapter in my own story, with art playing a big role in each one.

In Germany, as I walked through old towns and visited museums, I found comfort in the art I saw. I visited a hidden art ally in Berlin that left me in awe. The walls were covered in graffiti and posters advocating political and social views, plus it was very aesthetically pleasing! The museums were full of paintings and sculptures that told stories of people overcoming tough times, just like I did in my own life. I visited a national landmark, Checkpoint Charlie or Berlin’s Wall. Checkpoint Charlie was a crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. The streets surrounding it were covered with street art telling stories of the people lost during the war. I felt the sorrow and deep feelings flooding the streets. It was an honor to visit a historical landmark.

The landscapes in Norway are simply stunning, especially the peaceful fjords. During my trip there, I couldn't help but notice art all around me, from colorful street art in cities to famous paintings like Edvard Munch's "The Scream." I'm not a fan of snow, but it made my experience in Norway magical. It made me feel things I had never felt before and helped me discover my creative side.

LA was a whole different vibe. Art was all around - on buildings, in galleries, on walls - everywhere you looked. It was like the creativity of the place rubbed off on me. Being around that much art made me feel like I was part of something bigger, and it gave me a fresh perspective on the world.

I never realized that I had an interest in art until I visited these places. As a child, I was more inclined towards books and academics and never paid much attention to the artistic side of myself. However, when I finally connected with that part of me, I discovered a whole new aspect of myself that I never knew existed. It brought me immense happiness and joy and filled my life with colors.

Through my travels, I learned that art isn't just something you look at – it's something that can change how you see the world and yourself. It brings people together and helps us understand each other better. As I saw more and more art in different places, I felt like I was getting to know myself better as well.


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