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Don Nielsen.png


Mr. Don Lowery


Lisa - Disney.png


Ms. Lisa Williams

Sr. Producer

Walt Disney Imagineering

Edwin Vox.png

Mr. Edwin Wong
SVP, Insights and Innovation
VOX Media


Paul - Linhart.png


Mr. Paul Raab

Managing Director

Linhart PR

Andrew - AACU.png

Dr. Andrew Flagel




Jim Arkell - Dunn.png


Mr. F. Jim Arkell, Esq.

Immigration Attorney

Dunn Law Firm, LLP

Joy - IG.png

Mr. Joy Ofodu

Associate Brand Marketing Manager



Valerie - CISION.png


Ms. Valerie Lopez

VP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Matt - Padilla.png

Mr. Matt Kucharski




Clark - Children's Hospital.png

Mr. Clark Sweat

Chief Experience Officer

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


Monica Gil - Telemundo.png

Ms. Mónica Gil

EVP, Chief Administrative and Marketing Officer

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises


Carol - IBM.png

Ms. Carole Irgang

Executive Partner, Marketing Transformation 



Vicki Disney.png

Ms. Vicki Ariyasu

SVP, Educational Resource Group

Disney Channel 


Eric - Schwartzman.png


Mr. Eric Schwartzman

Author, Trainer, Digital Marketing Consultant

"How To Market to Millennials and GenZ"

3 parter.png


Ms. Jenna Beckler of Nestle

Mr. Eric Buchanan of the Wonderful Company

Ms. Laarni Dacanay of Comcast / NBCUniversal

Dylan - NextGen.png


Mr. Dylan Gambardella

Co-Founder and CEO

NextGen HQ

James - Singapore.png


Mr. James Boyd

U.S. Head of Communications

Singapore Airlines

Rand Corp.png


Mr. Michael Rich

President & Chief Executive Officer 

The Rand Corporation 

Ms. Jennifer Kavanagh

Director, Strategy, Doctrine & Resources

The Rand Corporation 

Rob - ESPN.png

Rob King

Senior Vice President and Editor-at-Large



Carl - Starbucks.png


Mr. Carl Mount

SVP Logistics/Supply Chain


Executive Conversations
Series 6
2020 - 2021
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