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Speaking Events

Community members have been invited to speak at various events and participate in open forum panels to discuss issues that exist surrounding the generation gap.

Asian Real Estate Association of America and Chicago Realtors Association

September 2016

Chicago, IL

Members of the National Millennial Community traveled to Chicago to attend a conference on millennials in real estate.  In other words, what should the real estate community know about millennial buyers as they prepare to purchase homes or prepare to upgrade their homes? The conference was hosted by a partnership between The National Realtors Association and Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). 

October 2016

AEF Symposium 2016

Orlando, FL

The AEF, in partnership with the ANA National Conference, hosted a symposium in Orlando, FL to discuss the talent disconnect that exists in the marketing/communications industry. Community members participated in a panel that provided a full 360-degree view of all parties involved talent acquisition and retention process.

WorldCom PR Group Conference

Brussels, Belgium

May 2016

Several members of the National Millennial Community traveled to Brussels, Belgium to speak with top executives in public relations at the WorldCom PR Group Conference. They touched upon misconceptions people have about the generation and how to work with millennials to facilitate an effective working environment.

American Heart Association

April 2017

Los Angeles, CA

National Millennial Community members in the Greater Los Angeles Area were invited to speak with leaders at the American Heart Association. The conversation touched on millennial insights, recruitment, and campaign strategies to further engage this cohort of people. 


November 2017

Los Angeles, CA

On Friday, November 3, 2017 at the Microsoft Technology Center, students, educators, managers and executives engaged in a conversation that explored strategies for building relationships with the emerging workforce. GenWorks’ workshops identified growth moments that impact employer and employee relationships, and offered solutions to common challenges.

GenWorks II

September 2018

New York City, NY

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at the Wells Fargo Conference Center, GenWorks II was held. Conference partners Nielsen and Wells Fargo lead conversations that explored qualitative and quantitative insights about the changing Millennial demographic.

McDonald's Conference

September 2018

Lombard, IL

Members of the National Millennial Community participated in an online panel discussion with the McDonald's Corporation to discuss the millennial generation and the best ways to engage millennials as consumers. 

Worldcom Vienna Conference

May 2019

Vienna, Austria

From May 6th to May 10th, several National Millennial Community and GenZ Community  members traveled to Vienna, Austria for the The Worldcom Public Relations Group conference. 

Verizon Panel for APAHM

May 2019

New Jersey

Verizon hosts two panels focusing on Millennials and GenZ, and APIAs in the workforce in commemoration of Asian & Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (aka APAHM). The event was hosted and moderated by Verizon Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Ms. Anuradha Hebbar, and the company's Asian employee resource group.

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