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Who we are...

Why we're here...

Younger generations across the U.S. represent more than 50 percent of our country's population.  We believe in creating an atmosphere where dialogue is fueled by broadening awareness and understanding, advancing civility, and focusing on solutions.

Seven universities and IW Group banded together in 2016 to find ways to collaborate, create, and drive purposeful conversations that unite us, not divide us.

Today we represent more than 44 colleges and universities in over 40 states, Washington, D.C., and Guam. We've held exceptional conversations with more than 360 executives from over 130 corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. We've also taken 32 field trips to cities from Atlanta to Seattle and from Los Angeles to Vienna, Austria.

Join us!

We are college and university students, young professionals, faculty, administrators, and civic leaders who participate in multi-generational conversations with an eye toward our future. We want to raise the standard of millennial and Gen Z thought, and challenge the misconceptions created by generation gaps.

Our Mission is to create a safe environment for the free exchange of ideas and to place greater emphasis on building awareness and understanding.

Our Approach is to actively engage the voices of younger generations via roundtable discussions, video conferences, and Think Tank conversations with key influentials in business, government, and the communities where we live and work.

How we engage...

We reflect the voices of more than one-half
the U.S. population--140 million strong.

Our members are from rural, urban, suburban, semi-rural, and remote areas.

There are no dues or membership fees. 
We are a volunteer organization with more than 800 members and alumni throughout the world.
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