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  • Writer's pictureThomas Park, California State University-Fullerton

Live, Learn, Portland

Being able to experience new places, and meet new people, is truly the best parts of life. Through the National Millennial Community & Gen Z, I was able to visit the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. This journey allowed for me to experience a very different kind of world. Professionals were asking the generation that I am a part of many questions on how they could possibly improve their business to better serve the coming generations.

It was a privilege to be a part of such a movement as many businesses are not as proactive within their community to see how they can improve and adapt to the new waves of changes that naturally occur over time. Seeing proactive business leaders genuinely engage with our community was a unique experience that I hope to see spread further around the world.

Without opportunities such as these, I cannot see how businesses can more easily connect with the new generation. The NMC&GZ group truly allows for young business professionals to travel and experience new environments, and people, that help those younger professionals grow. This community also helps business orient their business models to better fit the new community that surrounds them.


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