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Generational Differences

A diverse team is ideal for developing a wide range of ideas and roadmaps based on different perspectives to achieve goals. Moreover, this team can be built on a variety of things. Still, people often need to remember generational differences, especially between millennials and Gen Z.

As Gen Z enters the workforce, it is imperative to understand the different viewpoints and strengths they can bring to the table. By understanding these differences, teams can push through concepts to create a dynamic workplace.

This generational dynamic encourages people with different experiences, knowledge, and perspectives to share their ideas, which can lead to a more diverse and inclusive work environment. This can be beneficial for the organization, as it can lead to increased creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities.

Gen Z grew up with technology advancing faster every year. As a result, they are highly adaptable and comfortable with change. They are also used to having access to vast amounts of information and can quickly learn new skills and adapt to various situations. Recently, it has become more common for Gen Z to learn different skills by taking classes online.

Another strength that Gen Z processes are socializing because we grew up in a digital era where communication occurs 24/7. This strength can be utilized in team settings, creating a different business dynamic. For example, I helped a non-profit with an outreach problem and presented digital marketing ideas. Because of this strength, I was an asset to the team by using the social media platforms I had experience with to connect and engage with their target audience.

Millennials grew to have a work-life balance and strived for personal fulfillment. They are willing to work hard and value things like flexibility and the ability to pursue their passions. They seek employers who align with their values and offer opportunities for growth and development. They value the company's efforts in helping diversity, climate change, and company resource groups over a paycheck.

While attending the "Women in Business Conference," this topic was highlighted. I learned how technology access increased during a millennial's work life, making it easier for work to invade personal time. They quickly found that boundaries were a necessity to maintain a personal life. They also value environmentally friendly practices because they are concerned about our impact on future generations.

At this conference, I understood how millennials care about how business practices affect the environment, its workers, and the customers. This human-centered approach to problem-solving can be valuable in the changing business environment.

Despite the similarities between millennials and Gen Z, they approach the work environment differently.


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