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Cog in the Machine

Based on what I have read on my own generation, it is probably not just me who often frowns when reading job advertisements. Not because it is frustrating to look for a job, send your CV to dozens of places, and wait for their call. It is simply just sad to see how much employers are unaware of how these texts are structured and, as a result, of what these workplaces suggest about themselves. Times are changing: it is high time employers re-think who they communicate to and how they communicate when hiring. Whenever I have got a new job, my mother always says the same things.’Appreciate it, do your best, and work hard to make them want to keep you.’ Certainly it has never been about my dedic

Taking Your Dream to Market

Dreaming a dream is a unique thing, but taking it to market is another challenge entirely. Business is all about building capital, bottom line. However, once your vision is achieved, there are numerous steps you should take before moving to the market. There are clearly more prerequisites to starting and maintaining a business today than ever before. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risks for a business venture. I believe there are three significant characteristics for an entrepreneur to be profitable. These success factors are motivation, organization, and a need to control and direct. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg all displayed these charac

Something I Did Locally...

I did something locally that impacted at least one person. In my PR campaigns course last semester, I worked with the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency on a campaign called Xula Myth Busters. The primary goal of the organization is to educate the African American community in New Orleans about organ and tissue donation. Under the umbrella of KTA Media, a student-founded and student-led strategic communications company, we provided strategic communications along with community outreach and brand management to support the agency. We partnered with our clients to produce the most efficient and effective outcome for their desired plans. The theme, Xula Myth Busters, was deprived from the 1980s