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  • Felipe Loza, New Mexico State University

Taking Your Dream to Market

Dreaming a dream is a unique thing, but taking it to market is another challenge entirely. Business is all about building capital, bottom line. However, once your vision is achieved, there are numerous steps you should take before moving to the market. There are clearly more prerequisites to starting and maintaining a business today than ever before.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risks for a business venture. I believe there are three significant characteristics for an entrepreneur to be profitable. These success factors are motivation, organization, and a need to control and direct. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg all displayed these characteristics, which made them all very successful. Webster's Dictionary states that an entrepreneur is "One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise." I completely agree.

My main dream and goal in life are to start my very own brand network on television and radio in addition to having my own music recording label. The more knowledge a business owner acquires, the more the potential they will profit. For anyone to accomplish their dreams, you should put your aspirations to work in life. Schooling yourself needs to be equally open-ended and focused on offering the freedom required to explore unexpected leads. Success at this stage often varies on how open-minded you are and how you live your life. If you go through the educational development process with even some preconceptions, you are liable to miss attaining valuable knowledge. Education is the key to opening the many windows and doors of opportunity since it grants you the skills to build your pathways.

After I obtain my bachelor's degree from New Mexico State University in Journalism and Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation this May 2020, I plan to start putting in my prior music networking experience to work along with my newly attained knowledge. Being my own boss is a significant reason why I wish to be in business for myself. Why would I want to work for someone else when I can work for myself? The most convincing goal of any entrepreneur is not to work for somebody else; that's what motivates him/her and ultimately makes them successful. When stuck in broader society, entrepreneurs appear to be stubborn or hardheaded, and in my case, if I were given a dollar every time I was told that about me, I would be rich.

The entrepreneur decides on the products and inventions, obtains the facilities, and manages the labor force, capital, and production materials. If the business thrives, the entrepreneur earns the rewards of profits; however, if it flops, he assumes the loss. Starting a music record label that will orchestrate a music festival once a year, allows me to make all these decisions. These decisions include naming my brand F.O.E. Empire (Family Over Everything).

"There are four benefits to the U.S. from entrepreneurs' risk-filled but successful efforts. Entrepreneurs (1) use innovations to improve the quality of life, (2) create new jobs, (3) improve our position in global economic competition, and (4) create economic growth and new wealth for reinvestment in the U.S." (Foundation.)

My personal experience with radio broadcasting and television/film industry at my school NMSU has been fantastic for me for many reasons. It helped me get a better understanding of the radio, television, and movie industry from behind the scenes to audio and sound. It opened many doors by assisting me in earning internships with major companies such as KRUX 91.5 FM--making local dreams global one voice at a time.

When you meet someone for the first time, the first impression is critical. A genuine entrepreneur is an individual who influences and touches the public and leaves a constructive legacy. I plan to do that by helping others and the less fortunate by providing educational scholarships, donating to public schools, starting non-profit foundations, and giving to charities such as St. Jude's, Lupus research, and mental illness, to name a few. My motivation is to generate awareness, inspire, and motivate others to dream big--fueling their dreams into real-life goals. Anything you dream about is possible in life.

Contact Felipe Loza at ; Instagram @FamousLoza_24

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