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Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Marketers

Whether you’re getting ready to graduate high school, attending college while pursuing a marketing degree, or looking to make a life change, these are my top five tips for setting yourself up to succeed in marketing. 1. Be a Yes (Wo)Man Remember the movie, "Yes Man" starring Jim Carrey? Model yourself after that movie. Don’t say yes to everything, but say yes to as many professional opportunities as you can. Working in a variety of roles will give you loads of experience that companies LOVE! While in college, I had a chance to intern as a marketing manager for a non-profit organization--an industry I never wanted to pursue. However, I gained significant experience because I had lots of freed

One Year Since I Graduated from CSUN

As I approached my one year mark from graduation, here are a few things I have learned. Before graduation, my whole mantra was, I must secure several internships, become a part of several extracurriculars, and do whatever it takes to land my first job. As my last semester of school rolled around in 2019, I was applying to every job under the sun. I was networking as much as I possibly could and setting up informational interviews with people to learn their craft and see if I could make it in the entertainment industry with a focus in public relations and marketing. By February, I was interviewing for full-time jobs and packing a full schedule with my internship and school work. Nothing stood

What People Don't Tell You About Self-Discipline

According to Merriam-Webster, self-discipline is defined as “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement.” Self-discipline is the ability to control and motivate ourselves, stay on track and do what is right... For the sake of improvement, right? If we’re honest, not everyone has or mastered this ability. There are moments we find ourselves knee-deep in the second season of The Office, while there is a laundry list of To-Dos. But what happens if we don’t know how to motivate ourselves? Before one can build a strong sense of self-discipline, we must address three things. 1) Your mental ability to do it; I don’t mean book smarts here, more so our self-esteem and honest thou

Something I Learned in Los Angeles

On our field trip to Los Angeles in February, my NMC family and I were fortunate enough to meet several amazing companies and CEOs with an extensive range of career interests. I learned a lot about myself and many other cultures, which usually happens on these trips, but when we went to Disney, I learned a specific job-related approach I had never heard before. In all my college and post-graduate years, no one had ever spoken to me about approaching a new job search until I met the great people at Disney. A Disney expert shared a new way of applying for jobs that could be used anywhere--not just at Disney. The latest and innovative approach was to write down three keywords you seek in a posi