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Widmark Cadet Jr.’s experience with the NMC

This experience has been absolutely life-changing for me. Growing up, I’ve always desired to join a group of young, motivated, ambitious, and successful future leaders. I can now say that I have found that community. The National Millennial/ GenZ community is everything I could’ve dreamed of and more; I can see myself participating in this organization for years to come.

Bill is an extraordinary man with a big heart and an amazing mind. He is able to bring a group of total strangers together and have them become some of the best of friends and associates within a matter of days. This was my first trip with the community and it was filled with back-to-back activities from as early as 7 am to almost 8 pm at night. Moreover, I was intrigued and motivated throughout the entire experience.

Thank you, Bill, for seeing something in me enough to allow me on this trip, despite our fairly recent introduction. I completely support this organization and am eagerly awaiting my next opportunity to travel with it.


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