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Thank You, National Millenial and Gen Z Community

Last August, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a four-day field trip to Portland, Oregon with the National Millennial and Gen Z Community. I had joined the community in mid-June 2021 and was thrilled to be able to participate in the 29th trip so soon after becoming a member. After having spent a considerable amount of time in online classes and meetings, it was great to be able to meet new people in person again.

Once I arrived at our hotel, I was welcomed by several members who had arrived a few hours early as well. From my very first conversation with my peers and throughout the rest of the trip, what struck me the most about the community was every individual’s ambition and enthusiasm. We all have great aspirations for the future, and support each other as we each achieve our goals. The community has provided me with a network of creative and determined young leaders that I will stay connected with, and who I know will make a positive difference in the world.

Throughout our trip, we participated in several thought-provoking discussions with business executives. As we provided social media marketing strategies to Portland Coffee Roasters, website design feedback to The Oregonian, and insights on what we value most in a workplace to Partners in Diversity, I felt inspired. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and listening to everyone’s great contributions. I also appreciated that the executives asked follow-up questions to ensure that they were on the same page as us, and took notes so that they could refer to our suggestions in the future. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss our values, attitudes, and opinions to help develop solutions for companies and make a difference for future generations.

One final aspect of the community that I greatly appreciate is its high level of diversity. During the trip, I connected with individuals that came from various backgrounds and offered various perspectives in our discussions. Having grown up in a town that is not very diverse, I have always longed to have a diverse group of peers, and I am grateful to know that I am now part of such a group. Thank you to everyone in the community for being so kind and welcoming, providing me with the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, and allowing me to experience the beauty of diversity on such a large scale. I can’t wait for our next trips and conversations together!


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