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Reaching my Dreams, One Step at a Time

As a junior college student, one question I have been asking myself is, am I taking the proper steps that will better prepare me for my future?

Whether they are small questions like if I should spend more of my free time hanging out with friends, engulfing myself in the college experience, or reading so I can enhance my perspective to be a better writer; minor decisions like these and major ones have halted me in the past and left me stuck.

However, there have been some decisions that I felt were a little easier rather than difficult.

I recently made the decision to hop on a plane for the very first time to San Francisco with the National Millennial and Gen Z Community. I got nominated by my college to join the community on their trip. I met brilliant young leaders who all made an impact on me. I had the opportunity to share career aspirations and learn so much from my peers.

We had various insightful conversations with many companies and organizations that we visited. There was a specific conversation that really hit home for me with the challenges I had been facing during my junior year.

Nikhil Arora and Alexandro Velez are Co-founders of Back to the Roots, located in Oakland, California. Back to the Roots is a successful gardening company that was inspired by their ethics professor at the University of California, Berkeley. They were both curious about how coffee grounds make quality mushrooms. At the time, Arora and Velez were both curious college students, and now they own America’s #1 Organic Gardening Company.

Arora told a story about how he and Velez used to go to local businesses and sell mushrooms that they had grown in their college dorm. After some persistence, eventually, their product became popular. Arora then explained how it wasn't just one decision that got him to where he is today. It was a combination of decisions and actions, yes and no’s that helped shape him, and because he remained persistent, he made his dream a reality.

I learned that failure is not an option. If I continue to take steps toward my future, my dreams can be attainable. Choosing to hang out with my friends or choosing not to read one day does not deter my future. I realize now that overanalyzing my decisions can become overwhelming.

If I follow my dreams and take my career choices one step at a time, I will inevitably reach my dreams.


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