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  • Writer's pictureEnayat Ahmadzai, MBA at Brandeis University

Helping Businesses Thrive in a Millennial and Gen Z World

I became a National Millennial and Gen Z Community member in September 2021. It has been a very rewarding, resourceful, and enriching experience. I joined the community on their trip to Boston, Massachusetts, where we visited and interacted with various companies and organizations.

We gave our insight from a Millenial and Gen Z perspective. Throughout this trip, we visited companies and organizations such as NBCUniversal, GBH Station, SharkNinja, etc. The emergence of the internet, technology, and lifestyle changes have severely impacted media outlets more negatively than positively. Therefore, the opportunity for Millennials and Gen Z to connect with companies and organizations is valuable to help them thrive and navigate within today's society.

During my trip to Boston, we visited SharkNinja, a well-known home appliance company. We could better understand their business process and industry dynamics by gaining insight into their international operations. We provided input in areas where they can further reach, improve, and deliver their best products to Millennials and Gen Z audiences.

The community visited not only corporate companies but also visited educational institutions. We had the privilege to visit Brandeis University, where they held a community awareness session for Afghan refugees in the U.S. As an Afghan, I felt it was my responsibility to be vocal about the crisis, which took place in August 2021. I co-led the session with two Afghan colleagues, Walmart leader Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, and AAPI officials.

This trip helped me build leadership and teamwork skills during challenging situations and scenarios. For example, I practiced these skills by receiving coaching from a professional chef on prepping, cooking, and presenting delicious recipes. We all loved the finished products, and, in the end, the whole community came together and shared meals. The activity was intense but ultimately fun.


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