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Finding Your Purpose

From the smallest particles to the largest galaxies, the universe is a web of interconnectedness that binds everything together. When you pursue your life's purpose, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, I experienced a culture vastly different from that of a big city. I felt tremendous pressure to follow a predetermined dream that was not my own. Despite my attempts to follow these prescribed paths, they were not leading me toward my true calling. I was constantly being told to stay within the confines of this mindset and to take the safest route by pursuing a simple career.

A few years back, I came across a book that broadened my horizons of knowledge and showed me new possibilities for my life. The book wasn’t simple, like “a list of diverse career options” or “a set of simple steps to transform your life.” Instead, it narrated the story of a boy who ventured out of his comfort zone despite facing opposition from others and took a chance on his instinct. Throughout the book, he embarks on a journey to fulfill his “Personal Legend,” or his life’s purpose.

The concept of the universe conspiring to help us achieve our dreams now is rooted in my everyday life. The idea that the universe is on our side allowed me to follow a path I was uncomfortable on. It encouraged me to trust myself, believe in my abilities, and take risks. Of course, I’ve experienced setbacks and challenges, but they are only obstacles. But through the years, I’ve learned these obstacles are opportunities for growth and learning.

I’m still trying to figure out my legend, but being offered to attend the NMGZ trip to Los Angeles showed me plenty of paths I never even thought of. Meeting with all the companies and organizations showed me a diverse set of career paths. It allowed me to interact with individuals of varying backgrounds, education levels, and lifestyles. Everyone was pursuing a different personal legend. It was very inspiring, and I’m beyond blessed to be able to attend.

As I write this, it is essential to note that the concept of the universe conspiring to help us achieve our dreams does not guarantee success. On the contrary, this trip showed me that we still need to take action and work towards our goals. The universe may provide opportunities, but it is up to us to recognize and seize them.


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