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Disregarding Misconceptions about GenZ'ers

I have been involved with the Millennial/GenZ Community for just over a year now. In this short time, it has proven to be such a great outlet to gain experiences and learn more about the world around me through a variety of perspectives. At the beginning of August, I was able to attend the group's 29th trip to Portland, Oregon. These trips revolve around members meeting business professionals from large companies, gaining perspective on the brand, and providing feedback on marketing and structural efforts.

The misconception of individuals in the Millennial and Gen Z-ers being lazy, unmotivated, and unknowledgeable has always been a concept that got under my skin. During this trip, I had connected with many peers that proved this to be incorrect. There were several sophisticated conversations and brainstorms between us all that included new and challenging ideas. This made me feel that we need to continue challenging those from older generations to prove that their negative misconceptions about us are simply false.

Not only was I able to experience this, but the professionals that we had met with made me feel like they were truly valuing our time and thoughts as well. All of the companies that we met with (Intel Corporation, Partners in Diversity, the Oregonian, Tillamook, Portland Coffee Roasters, Portland Patrol, and Travel and Sport Portland) had allowed us to visit because they were eager to hear our perspectives on how they can do better.

All of our ideas and suggestions were taken seriously and brought about even more intelligent and complex conversations. The desire to pick our brains made me feel that myself and my peers were truly appreciated for the knowledge that we have obtained through our experiences being born in our generation. We are not just the silly, young people; we are the future of society and we are the ones who will be influencing how the world around us evolves as we know it. It is time for all communities to be given a chance to prove themselves and show all of the ways that they are worthy of expressing their own opinions.

I cannot express my gratitude toward the National Millennial and GenZ Community for providing opportunities for me to develop myself on personal and professional levels. It is such a pleasure to be connected with peers, friends, and business professionals around the United States as a sole focus to grow myself. Thank you to this particular group as well as the University of Colorado Denver for supporting my efforts in this community.


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