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Create The Change: Vote

Surely, many will agree that 2020 has been an eventful year. However, one of the biggest traditions in American history is still to come.

The presidential election is a natural phenomena that occurs every 4 years, but 2020 presents interesting conditions. There are multiple things that are leading voters away from the polls. It is important to address these circumstances in order to encourage the public to make their best effort and vote! Generation Z is the biggest culprit of turning away from the polling place at one of the greatest times of need. Gen Z believes they don’t have to vote, but in reality, they should be the first ones at the polling booth. Generation Z is going to be directly affected by the 2020 election. The two candidates have polarized ideas on how to deal with things we claim to care about. For example, LGBTQ rights, Healthcare, Women’s rights, Environment protection, and social justice to name a few.

We can not sit and leave OUR future in the hands of the traditional ways of thinking of our elders. Although they have raised us well, we have seen too many instances of not being heard that have resulted in demise. Gen Z must be aware that they have the options when it comes to voting. One can request a mail-in ballot, an absentee ballot, and of course going to their local polling place. These options allow everyone to remain safe in their homes if Covid is a concern but still maintain their civic engagement. A lot of the young voters are concerned that their vote holds no value.

In reality, the votes of the public are one of the strongest tools U.S. citizens possess. We are putting these politicians in their positions. Politicians in the Senate, House of Representatives, etc., are all chosen by us. From that point on, the ideas that are created in government are ultimately set forth by the public by voting for their desired candidate. Living with the mindset that one cannot make a difference alone should inspire young minds to go out and create change. Get your friends, classmates, cousins, everyone should be registered to vote; but that's only the first step.

If you are registered to vote, use your civic duty to create the change you wish to see in America! Many are also concerned with the thought of neither presidential candidate being the ideal choice. Similar to the 2016 election voters must choose the lesser of two evils. Hopefully this year, the correct choice is made. 


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