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  • Writer's pictureHawreen Rawanduzy, University of Colorado Denver

Building a Diverse Future

As a first-generation, underrepresented student, I always had difficulty finding a sense of belonging wherever I went, no matter what the environment.

The National Millennial and Gen Z Community brought together students, recent graduates, and young professionals from around the country in Charlotte, North Carolina, and this experience provided me with an opportunity I never dreamed was possible.

During our visit to various companies, we learned how they invest in future leaders of our generation. Visiting these companies allowed me to refine my professional etiquette and communication skills. The trip also allowed me to determine what type of industry I'm interested in pursuing.

I enjoyed the companies we visited, as they represented a variety of fields, from marketing to advertising and from public relations to finance. Beyond the many professional development opportunities, I made lifelong connections with talented peers within the NMGZ community.

Currently, I am pursuing my finance and risk management degree at the University of Colorado Denver. I was excited to visit Wells Fargo, as it is a well-established company that aligns with my field of study.

A challenge that companies have within my field is attracting diverse talent. Wells Fargo mentioned their DEI efforts to create an inclusive culture that fosters the collaboration of all perspectives.

They created a fantastic panel of diverse workers within different age groups. They each spoke from their perspectives as Gen Zers, millennials, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and silent-generationers regarding their company culture. It created a safe space for their experiences to be voiced and heard.

Throughout the panel, we had the opportunity to ask questions and gain further insight from different departments across Wells Fargo. We broke out into small groups and discussed our ideas as millennials and Gen Zers on what we look for when it comes to diversity and inclusion within a company's culture.

In today's generation, you continue to see diversity initiatives that companies are initiating to create a more inclusive environment for those with non-traditional backgrounds. Growing up, It was something that I did not see much of with big companies, and that was a concern for me.

I am hopeful that I will no longer have to worry about having a different background from my peers, as long as companies continue to make diversity efforts such as Wells Fargo.

I have faith that other companies will follow in Wells Fargo's footsteps to create a more diverse future for the next generations.


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