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  • CJ Peregrina, Alumnus, Eastern Oregon University

Business Students Meet with Top Executives on Trip with National Millennial Community to Omaha, NE &

La Grande, OR - Eastern Oregon University’s National Millennial Community (NMC) had two members from the team represent them on an executive trip. The National Millennial Community took a group of 22 students to Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO from April 28th-30th 2019.

Casci Carpenter and CJ Peregrina both attended the trip on behalf of the EOU NMC. They both explained how the trip provided a great experience and learning opportunity for each of them. Throughout the duration of the trip they had executive meetings with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Some of the major companies were The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Flywheel, Spreetail, Union Pacific Railroad, Andrews McMeel Universal, Sandbox Agency, and Sprint. From these Carpenter explained her favorite company to visit, “My favorite one we visited had to be the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. This was a meeting where they were well prepared for us, and are currently focused on how to retain talent in the millennial generation community in Omaha. I really enjoyed how professional the Chamber was, and how well they are functioning. This almost felt as if we were there to help the future generation in the area, so I felt accomplished when leaving there.” In addition, the trip created impactful and learning experiences as CJ expressed, “My biggest takeaway from this trip, was seeing firsthand what misconceptions other generations truly have on millennials. A same theme showed up at almost all the companies we visited as far as what we are looking forward in regards to benefits and the culture of our projected work environment. Our main focus for many millennials is having transparency throughout the company, flexibility, proper employee benefits, and the opportunity to grow within the firm in a reasonable amount of time. Reiterating this to the executives helped dwindle the same misconceptions I was not aware of until being put into the environment.” The impact the trip had on Casci and CJ as they expressed, “This trip was a huge eye opener to what kind of companies are out there, and who they are willing to take in by looking for the talent of the new generation. This was an amazing opportunity I learned a ton about myself professionally, and personally when working with a new team that I had never met before. Being able to give my perspective on real life projects companies are working on only reassured how grateful I am to be able to attend one of these trips and expand my network by meeting wonderful business professionals.” They were able to have insightful and productive conversations with numerous business professionals where they will take this experience and apply these learning experiences to their future.

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