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  • Felipe Loza, New Mexico State University

Bill Imada Makes a Difference in Lives of Students Around the Globe

Coming out of college, Bill Imada had his sights set on working for McCann, an American global advertising agency network, then known as McCann Erickson, but he did not get a position. Bill is the co-founder and chairman of IW Group, and has worked alongside some of the top companies in the U.S., including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Southern California Edison, Walmart Stores, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Warner Brothers.

Bill has brought together a community of millennial thinkers who strive to change the conversation about the millennial and Gen Z generation. The National Millennial Community (NMC) was founded in 2015 by Bill Imada, Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer of IW Group, Inc. Bill has brought together a community of millennial thinkers who strive to change the conversation about the millennial generation. In our effort to change the conversation, the National Millennial Community has executed multiple think tank conversations with key influencers in media and business.

Anubhav Maini a high energy individual with a fun personality and can-do attitude who enjoys solving problems creatively with a data-driven strategic approach. Maini has been part of the NMC for two years, and is pursuing a STEM designated MBA at Brandeis International Business School and will specialize in Marketing and Data Analytics. Maini took part in the Omaha & Kansas City summit. The event had a wide rage of company meetings such as Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Flywheel, Spreetail, Union Pacific Railroad, Andrews McMeel Universal, Sandbox Agency and Sprint. Maini expressed the feeling and gratitude appreciation he has towards Mr. Imada.

“Bill is not one in a million but one in a billion. He empowers students, communities and lives by sharing his professional wisdom and supporting us we have a once in a lifetime experience.” Maini said. “These experiences help us not only grow professionally but also be more empathetic humans. I am truly blessed to have met him. I would be lucky if I can be half the human he is in my lifetime."

Mr. Imada travels most of the time spending his time with students across the world from different backgrounds, culture, religion, and ethnicity, educating and inspiring them to become the change in the world’s perception of the millennial and Gen Z generation. Student Crystal Segovia-Gomez is a full-time student at New Mexico State University who studies ​Journalism and Media Studies emphasizing in Advertising and Public Relations. Segovia-Gomez just recently joined the NMC and took part in her first summit and described the trip.

“Very inspiring and creative opportunity for students to be a part of and partake in engaging communications with high end companies. T​he knowledge we've gained is incredible. The way in which companies operate changes so much with technology, it's helpful to engage in the conversation of what they are looking for." Segovia-Gomez said.

Mr. Imada has come far to get where he is today, from being born in a small rural farming town to the godfather of opportunities for the next generation of individuals. Mr. Imada is leaving a legacy like no other when it comes to being a true inspiration to many towards his successful work ethic to his humbleness. Giving students a learning environment where its has been outlined as everything that transpires in the educational institute, to the networking and communicating world with major companies. The learning environment has a solid influence on students’ learning experiences and their future outcomes; it principles what, how and why students learn. The relationship among educational environment and students’ achievement has been a productive area of investigation, thanks to Mr. Imada. The literature offers a proven relationship between educational environment and the priceless outcomes of students’ achievement, gratification and success.

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