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  • By: Eljay Feuerman

Gender Doesn't Exist Anymore

Gender does not exist anymore.

Perhaps a more suitable way to put it is gender does not matter anymore. The constant fight between male, female, transgender and everything in between has lit a fire between communities. Yet the desire for equality is no longer fueling the fight and freedom of expression has become the force that is driving the momentum. So we find ourselves in the midst of a battle that is rooted in valor but on some levels lost its truth.

Many wonder why this issue has just now surfaced to the forefront of the conversation?

The reality is this fight has been taking place within the darkest corners of each generation. It is only now that advocates of our generation have taken it into the spotlight and in doing so strive to make a change. But before battles become wars there should be reflection. What can possibly come from this fight? How does a change of a bathroom sign affect the course of a nation? And what is the cost of disruption? True progress is indicative of evolution. So to actually evolve do we continue to fight or learn to compromise? Although it is difficult, we must meet each other half way. Realize we need to stop fighting for symbols on a door and remind ourselves of the true purpose, then teach each other acceptance.

We practice freedom of speech, press and assembly with the expectation that everyone MUST hear our voices, in which lies a true demonstration of entitlement. We often forget that although freedom of speech is a right, the choice to listen is a privilege.

So to effect actual change in something such as societies skewed perception of gender requires an active audience. To gain a genuine following an effort for mutual understanding must be extended. So in order for us to take a step forward we must sheath our own crusades and try to understand others viewpoints… because if we don’t, there will never be an end and never a victor.

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