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  • Written by: Michael Adams I Edited by: Eljay

Millennial Community Leaders Advance on NYC

Seventeen unique and diverse individuals from across the country came together to meet in New York City. Even though we had never physically met in person, we have always been united with a purpose. That purpose to change the conversation about millennials.

Not a day goes by without seeing yet another social media post about millennials. It seems as if everyone has an opinion about us and because of the new technology we’ve created the conversation about the millennial generation gap has never been so much in the forefront. It feels as if we are constantly under the scrutiny of a microscope that we’ve built.

Taking the opportunity to share our views with key influencers in media and business in person, we decided to head to the heart of corporate America. We met in NYC with executives from NBC Universal/Telemundo, Singapore Airlines, Verizon and APCO Worldwide to talk about the millennial generation and the difference we hope to make as a community.

While we wanted share what makes the millennial generation tick, we also wanted these industry leaders to understand that we are not just concerned with ourselves. But that we appreciate the role of the communities around us, and that we strive to give back.

New York was a chance to bond as a team. For the seventeen of us it was the first time we had met as a group and as expected we felt an immediate kinship. As we explored Manhattan together, we busted a few bboy dance moves in Union Square, held an executive conversation with Octagon VP Michael Jacobson via GoToMeeting, and dined with executives from multiple disciplines. We gave our thoughts in a brainstorming session about unique products that have yet to enter the market, as well as learned how to make pizza from scratch, New York style.

New York was an opportunity to build our community, create new friendships and contacts, and engage in a broader conversation about the impact we want to have as a generation and as distinct individuals. We are well on our way to effectively changing the conversation about the millennial generation. This is just the beginning of the impact the National Millennial Community will have on the conversation.

Video by: Mr. Bing Ng

Michael Adams

University of Washington, Seattle

Michael G. Foster School of Business

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