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  • Eljay Feuerman

If I were a ballpoint pen

There is something to be said about the current state of communication. By this I mean, the death of proper writing is rapidly approaching. It’s not that we have fully reached the point of demise, but we are gradually losing the ability to cut through the noise and express relative thought. It’s a shame because with so much technology and so many platforms for communication we find ourselves with very little understanding.

The loss of vocabulary, spelling, and grammar cannot be fully attributed to technology; most of the blame lies with how we use it. We as millennials need to find a way to use less to say more. The expectation of an instantaneous response limits us from fully writing out our ideas and we find our thoughts stranded online, drowning in all of the noise.

So how do we get people to listen? ……………………….. We say something of context. We challenge ourselves to listen to others ideas and write out our own thoughts because if we don’t, no one else will.

If I were a ballpoint pen I would never stop wondering if my voice was being heard, yet I’d still continue to write. Technology provides us with so many opportunities to create dialogue and gain feedback. We no longer have to worry about finding an audience; our biggest concern is finding the right audience. So in a way, the keyboard has become the new ballpoint pen and we now need to think about choosing the right platform to write.

Next week on #millennialcom blog

How do we choose the right platform to reach an audience that limits the amount of content seen per day, yet has an unlimited amount of viewing options?

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