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  • By: D'Anthony Jackson

D'Anthony Jackson: My Summer in New York City

Thousands of students set off to New York City each summer to fulfill their goals of experiencing the fast paced life of living in the big city. With hopes to improve their skill sets, network, and open doors for their careers many students realize the opportunities that NYC internships provide. This summer I had the chance to experience these opportunities first hand.

Two months ago I packed my bags from my college town in Mississippi and went on to pursue two dreams of mine; one being to live in New York City and the other to work for one of the world’s leading global public relations firms, Weber Shandwick.

Working with Weber Shandwick’s global corporate communications team, I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the brightest minds in the field, learn about the inner workings of a major communications agency, and work with some of the largest corporations in the world. I wouldn’t trade my experience in New York for anything.

Growing up, I never spent more than a week outside of my home state, Alabama. My family vacations were more like mini-trips; a weekend here and a few days there. Although I’ve visited New York before, this was the first time I could call it home.

A few days before the big move, I remember sitting at Patio 44, a popular Hattiesburg restaurant, to discuss my goals with a few of my colleagues. I remember thinking, “what am I getting myself into?”

For days, I walked around in a clenched state of anticipation, eager to know what it would be like to transition from living in south Mississippi to Manhattan. Come to find out, it was exactly what I expected and more.

I had to quickly adjust to a few things, like using the subway and getting the transportation timing right so I wouldn't be late for a meeting with colleagues or a dinner with friends. Also, figuring out which train to use posed a bit of a challenge for me. After being late a few times and getting lost many times, I eventually began to get use to the city life.

I can’t talk about this experience without mentioning a few people who made this move a lot more fun, easy, and memorable. I had the pleasure of sharing the city with three of my National Millennial Community colleagues, along with my NY roommate who was also interning in the area. They were Eljay Feuerman (McCann), Veronica Mingrone (Golin), Julie Lubbers (PadillaCRT) and Ryosuke Kimura (Oscar De La Rente). After a long week of hard work, the five of us would spend our Friday nights exploring the cuisines of NYC and our Saturday afternoons exploring the nuances of Manhattan, which by far were some of my favorite moments.

The wonderful bustling nature and atmosphere of this city seems to keep you alive and always busy. From the amazing music on the streets of Washington Heights, to the full painted murals on the walls of Bushwick, and the small concerts in the Midtown subways, every week was an adventure in itself.

To read more about my adventures in New York, visit my site at

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