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  • by Eljay Feuerman

Don't Shy From Individuality

How you dress should represent how you think, not who you think you should be. Most professors and employers preach dress for success, yet often times there is a disconnect between dressing for the part you want and dressing for the part you intend to play.

In industry we benchmark ourselves by emulating a predecessor or a schema of someone whom we believe would do the job well. We then forget that the greatest benefit we can add to any company is distinct style. Almost every position held has 100+ more candidates that can write the same reports and manage the same clients just based off industry know how.

So what makes your work, “your work“?

The individuality you inject with your own voice and creative thoughts are the defining factors that separate “your work” from just another report. Thus uniqueness is the only strength and your main element of value.

Therefore the way you dress should evoke the qualities of your voice within your work. Think of your look as your logo. We say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but if the cover is damn good that won’t hurt the book. So present yourself well, present your work well, and do not be shy of individuality.

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