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  • by: Eljay Feuerman

10 Millennial Travel Tips

As many of the National Millennial Community members plan for summer travels, whether it is for business, pleasure, or somewhere in between here are a few travel tips that will help save you some money and better your travel experience.

1. If you don't have a meal plan at school, cook and pack some of your meals. Just simply packing your lunch everyday saves you roughly $10 a day, which amounts to roughly $300 a month.

2. “Skip the Starbucks and go for your home brew!” - Kay Tappan of the University of Florida

3. Avoid checking bags on planes, unless it is free. Pack less and don't be afraid to do laundry. It costs less than $5 to do a load of laundry, but checking a bag for $25+ just to bring a few extra clothes is not worth it. (understand that packing light is usually easier for guys than girls)

4. By most airports there are usually smaller, off site parking lots that offer cheaper rates. Some even have specific deals for students and offer a shuttle service to and from the airport.

5. Coordinate group accommodations if possible. Airbnb is a great tool especially if you find a place for 4+ people to stay in. Having a larger group can give you more quality options to choose from for fairly cheap prices.

6. Always do research on the best way to get around a city; there are usually some great tips online that will help you rely less on cabs or uber (which can get expensive).

7. Research places to eat! There are always places that cater to the lower end of a college budget.

8. Cash is king! Meaning you are better off setting a cash budget for your expenditures, that way you can pace your spending. Also it makes group meals easier and may save you from having to withdraw and pay a surcharge.

9. If you have to withdraw money use a grocery store or pharmacy to purchase a pack of gum and get cash back, chances are the gum costs less than an ATM fee.

10. Plan a budget ahead of time! The more time you give yourself to figure out your necessary expenses, the more time you have to save your money.

*obviously most of these tips only work if you have some sort of an income

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