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Good Food, Good Life – Selling an Experience at Nestlé Through Video Campaigns

When you think of Nestlé, what comes to mind? Many immediately think of chocolate products such as the Crunch bar (now owned by Ferrero) and the cookie dough by Nestlé Toll House. However, in reality, the company is home to some 2,000 global brands, many of which you’d never suspect.

But just how has Nestlé had such a long-standing and worldwide impact on the food we eat and the products we consume and use? The answer lies in effective multimedia marketing campaigns that not only sell the product to their target audience but the experience of what it means to be a Nestlé consumer.

I had the opportunity to visit Nestlé USA headquarters in Arlington, Va., during a trip to Washington, D.C. with the National Millennial and GenZ Community (NMGZ), which comprises a group of students and change-makers from across the U.S. While there, we learned about corporate communications, namely, how a focus on the people and culture drive business, the pillars of entrepreneurial behavior, and the maxim of “relevance or death.” In simpler terms, communication is critical to everything internally and externally, and relevance is key.

We also learned about Nestlé’s commitment to making the world a better place through its mission to accelerate growth, build culture, leave the world a better place, and protect and shape its reputation. Committed to “Bold Work" to engage the right PEOPLE with the right MESSAGE at the right TIME in the right PLACE, Nestlé’s goals and claim to success as a global brand are apparent.

Nestlé is regularly active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube, allowing them to remain relevant and highly regarded as a leading consumer brand. During the tour, I had the opportunity to hear from content specialists who work on the media development side, with journalism and communication backgrounds like me. I was previously unaware that Nestlé offered so many career opportunities in content creation, so it was inspiring to hear and receive advice from such a diverse and talented media team that I’d love to potentially be a part of someday.

Circling back to the concept of marketing an experience, we first must understand what being a Nestlé consumer and an employee looks like. According to Chief People Officer of Nestlé Zone North America, Judy Cascapera, “Nestlé is built in part on the principle that a diverse and inclusive culture is the foundation of our strength. Our people make Nestlé great no matter what they look like, who they love, or where they come from.”

Certainly, Nestlé highly values DEI initiatives in their business practices. From empowering women with 30.2% in the top 200+ senior executive positions to increased sustainability, including climate action and waste reduction, Nestlé is truly committed to making the world a better place by valuing its workers, consumers, and the greater environment.

This is something I strive to do in my own content creation as a documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist. By telling individual stories, I am committed to making a positive change through the work I create. By focusing specifically on the intersection of race and class topics with that of art and pop culture, I seek to change people’s thinking and ultimately make a difference when it comes to the inequities that still face society today, much like the initiative that Nestlé is leading as a global brand.

So next time you open a can of NESCAFÉ coffee, a bottle of S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water, or a bag of Purina ONE pet food for your dog or cat, don’t just remember Nestlé, but the mission behind the name.


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