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  • Writer's pictureAna Valerdi, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

Experiencing the U.S. Culture, Professionally

Living in Mexico City, I always had the option of traveling to the U.S. for pleasure, but traveling solely for my career goals was an entirely new experience.

I am the first generation in my family to study at a university which gives me the privilege to choose my career path. The military academy was the only option my parents had; therefore, my mother and father had to train within the academy as nurses and doctors to help support their families.

Therefore, being able to leave the country and seek better opportunities for myself has been one of the many reasons why my parents are proud of me.

Because of my diligence and dedication to my studies throughout school, I was awarded a full scholarship from the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, a private university.

On the trip, I met peers whose journeys were similar to mine. All of us were familiar with the idea that by working hard and sacrificing, we can achieve better opportunities. The opportunity to meet people from different regions across the U.S. with similar experiences all in one place was gratifying.

Visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, allowed the community to meet with executives and discuss how we can improve their businesses by understanding our generation's views and opinions. The knowledge everyone shared allowed me to understand better how businesses work and what they expect from prospective employees.

It was evident that mental and medical health are critical factors when younger generations begin looking for a job. It was viewed as a dealbreaker if companies did not offer these options to their employees. Throughout our meetings, my fellow members emphasized how crucial mental health is for businesses and their employees.

This made me realize the differences between Mexico and the United States. Because of this, I would like to find a job opportunity in a country that puts mental health first.

The meetings and connections I made with my fellow members helped me recognize the skills and professionalism I developed in my country. Due to the differences within each country’s culture, I had the chance to test the language barrier and experience the culture in a professional environment, from the different ways of eating to the unique ways of living.

From my trip to Charlotte, I have brought back to my country the knowledge and experiences I gained from my interactions with members of the National Millennial and Gen Z Community.

It is inspiring to know that there is a community that respects the values of this generation and connects us with the right people to create connections and job opportunities.


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