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  • Albert Oliveira


I found that the best way to decompress depends on the day I've had. There are times when I’ve been talking to people all day and want to be alone; while at other times, I just want someone to talk to. Most of the time, it’ll be me going to the gym and gaming with my friends, but I can never shut my mind off completely. I big takeaway that helps me is just knowing that I still have plenty of time left in life. Oftentimes, it can be easy to get inconvenienced by the little things, but that shouldn’t dictate your mood.

Every day should be treated as a new chance for opportunities and you should place value in your own self-worth. After attending the LA trip with the National Millennial and Gen Z community, I was ecstatic knowing that so many bright minds will soon be part of our future. I distinctly recall how Eljay Feuerman, an alumnus of the university I attend, mentioned that it’s the connections you make along this trip that’ll help you in the future. He is completely right; our generation wants to help each other--not just ourselves--and we'll use the connections we establish to make society a better place.

Our group isn't here just to change the conversation, but to enhance it, too. Most of us only know a life that revolves around school and work, yet we still want to learn. No matter how tired I might feel, I find myself thinking and never fully able to distract myself from life. I think about my friends, my family, and my future--which I assume is normal for a 22-year-old about to graduate. Whether it may be with my peers, or those I’ve connected within this community, we all share a bond. We share commonality and an ambition to make everywhere a better place.

Sometimes a good way to decompress is by just working, which can be relaxing for me. I’m used to always being active, enjoying what challenges come my way, and how I can solve them.

Though I’m constantly exposed to a screen, I unwind with my computer and phone. I know and recognize that the information we have at our fingertips has helped people, and that you can be productive and learn new things on the internet. Twitter is one of the more useful social media platforms that I use on a regular basis. I can browse Twitter and find more nonbiased news and info in real time. I also have group chats to stay connected and discuss things with my friends. YouTube also has many educational channels like Mustard and Company Man that provide educational entertainment. Of course, some of the content I watch won’t apply to everything, but that’s expected.

Regardless of how you spend your time when you're at home, the seemingly mundane tasks of changing clothes and sitting down are tasks and feelings to be enjoyed. We should enjoy our moments of peace just as much as the hectic times. I know that when I’m with the other great members of the NMC/Gen Z community I can be at ease knowing that we’re trying to make life better for everyone. And even in our most unproductive moments in life, we still try to make the world a better place for everyone. This is work that never stops, even as we relax.

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