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  • Leyla Gillespie-Porras

NMSU Student with NMC to Omaha/Kansas City

This past weekend I had the honor of taking a trip to Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri with the National Millennial Community. The trip held such a great insight into the line of work I wish to do in the future. We visited many companies on this trip but there was three that truly resounded to me and what my passion is to do.

The first company is Andrews McMeel Universal. Andrews McMeel is a publishing company in Kansas City, Missouri. The reason why Andrews McMeel stuck with me is because I have a passion for publishing. My first real career path that I was hoping to take was publishing but ended up in public relations. Publishing holds my heart due to my love for books. This is why Andrews McMeel is at the top of my list.

The second company that drew my attention was Spreetail in Omaha, Nebraska. The reason I am intrigued by Spreetail is by the way the company was set up and the people. The people genuinely cared for their company and it seemed that they really enjoyed working there. That shows to me that the company is compassionate about those that they employ and that is something I truly look for in a company.

The last company is the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. The reason for this company is because they truly are what I want to do within public relations. I want to work for and with the people of an amazing community. They had such great things that they aspire to bring to their community and by putting their community first, they won me over. They made me want to move out to Nebraska even when I never considered myself a Midwestern person. That is why they sparked my interest.

All the companies that we visited were amazing and had a great work atmosphere but these are the top three that will stick with me when I start looking and applying for jobs when I graduate. The trip overall was very eye opening and helped me to be less nervous when meeting with CEO’s of companies. The CEO’s of companies were intimidating but it helps to remember that at one point they were just like me, trying to find a career to love.

I took this picture because it excited me to see such a big building for a newspaper because we don’t have anything like that here in Las Cruces, NM.

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