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Business Student Meets with Top Executives on Trip with National Millennial Community to San Francis

This article was originally published by Eastern Oregon University.

LA GRANDE, Ore. Eastern Oregon University's National Millennial Community (NMC) had one member from the team represent them on an executive trip. The National Millennial Community took a group of 29 students to San Francisco from November 3rd - 6th 2018.

Joshua Leiferman, EOU Junior business major attended the trip on behalf of the EOU NMC, he explained how the trip provided a great experience and learning opportunity for him. Throughout the duration of the trip he had executive meetings with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Some of the major companies were eBay, Kaiser Permanente, Visa International, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. From these Leiferman explains his favorite company to visit, "Out of those businesses I would have to say my favorite place we visited had to have been eBay. There are many reasons, but the main one was because they wanted a lot of feedback and they sounded like they cared more about what we had to say than selling an app". In addition, the trip created impactful and learning experiences he expressed, "Some of the biggest takeaways from this trip were that even though a business is huge and they have plenty of people who can find out answers to their marketing questions, many wanted to hear it from a millennial's point of view and from the horse's mouth. Being able to meet so many great millennial minds on this trip was great. I created bonds and friendships in just four days of being with people I never knew before the trip. I think networking and gaining those friendships are a crucial aspect in not only business but also in life". Joshua was able to have very insightful and successful conversations with numerous business professionals where he will take this experience and will apply to his future endeavors.

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