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  • Eljay Feuerman

Too Many Megaphones

The most common misconception about social media is that it is necessary to use all platforms. The issue is there are too many platforms available to successfully communicate a cohesive message. In other words, yelling into every megaphone will turn your voice into static. The challenge is to find the right audience that will nurture a conversation. So how do we know which platform is most relevant to the message we are trying to communicate?

The plan is just as important as the execution.

Build a communication plan that provides guidance to how, when, and what posts should be published. With that, it is important to realize that ever post matters. Every piece of published content either adds value to your voice, or risks deteriorating your impact. So articulate the message and the purpose clearly, that way every post becomes an opportunity to better the overall idea.

If we are not improving our presence, we are hindering it.

Knowing what to say is half the battle, finding people to listen is equally as important. Social media platforms are tailored to specific styles of posting and in turn have unique audiences. So the question is not who will listen, but who will actually reply? When creating a voice you must understand which audience is relevant and how it will initiate a response. By considering the ripple affect your post may generate, you can prompt a dialogue that builds real engagement. Ultimately, we must say something of context and know who will add value to the subject matter.

Why is dialogue so important? How do we start and maintain a conversation?

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