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Garrett Young II, is a senior at Eastern Oregon University (EOU), where he is majoring in Physical Activities and Health. Garrett is an active leader in several student/community organizations, including the Black Student Union, where he is the Co-Advisor of the club. Throughout his collegiate career, Garrett has maximized opportunities that have helped him advance his professional career. One such opportunity was his internship with Northwest Basketball Camps, (NBC). Through this experience, Garrett sharpened his professional communication skills in the disciplines of public relations and community engagement, both of which are crucial skills sets specific to the practice of business manage

Why did United Airlines Ignore Reddit?

United Airlines is currently taking continuous heat for a man who was battered and dragged off one of its flights. For the uninformed, a doctor originally from Vietnam, was beaten and dragged off a plane a couple of days ago, and while it was the police that attacked the man, United is taking the heat on Reddit and new media. is where all things viral gain internet traction. Reddit’s power is its ability to give the internet a voice with real-world consequences. With over 243 million users, brands suffer the opinion of Reddit’s collective mindset, but there are ways to mitigate damage. The lack of United’s presence on new media, specifically Reddit, is a significant oversight. Her

RaSheba's Corner: Marriage at a Young Age

A common denominator in the often-confusing millennial conversation are words like “transparency” and “authenticity.” These are ideas that have remained constant among millennials when they speak about brands and companies. As a way of staying true to our word, I, RaSheba Jones, created a blog series to give readers a glimpse into the lives of the members that make up this community. My purpose is to fill in the gaps and provide texture to the generalizations made about millennials. Together let’s color in the lines by exploring the lives of millennials around the country. Picture this: you’re in your early 20’s, about to graduate college, you have work, class, exams, and other interests you