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Overlooking Opportunity

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be traveling across the nation to places like Washington D.C., San Francisco, and New York to collaborate with executives from top organizations and serve as a voice for the millennial generation – I wouldn’t have believed them. The idea of visiting the White House, meeting with Google, and working with other established corporations was a far fetched dream rather than a reality. Through the National Millennial Community, a community of innovative thinkers who desire to change the conversation about our generation, my dream has become a reality. The community has allowed students from overlooked universities to become recognized for their passi

Best Practices for Millennial-Oriented HR Policies

If you’re a human resources manager that read the title of this article, you likely cringed, especially if you are well-established in your career. “Of course the entitled millennial generation would demand that HR is tailored to their needs,” you might be thinking. I would counter by pointing out that an organization’s HR policies should be designed to support every generation, and that the most successful human resources programs are built to support and foster employee development and organizational stability. Keeping millennials in mind should simply be an update to an already comprehensive system. If you’ve already crafted an HR program that is well-suited for the millennial generation,