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The Title is Entitlement

Are all millennials created entitled or do new work processes skew the perception of the millennial work ethic? Many companies love to use the word innovative, yet there is a disconnect between the understanding of what innovation looks like on paper and what it looks like in person. Simply put, innovation is the introduction of new ideas or methods. Therefore if companies want new ideas they have to accept new work methods. Partly due to advancements in technology and partly due to changes in core values, the millennial generation is truly adopting the concept of ‘work smarter, not harder’. Expanding upon this idea, there has been a drastic shift in office culture as more millennials begin

10 Millennial Travel Tips

As many of the National Millennial Community members plan for summer travels, whether it is for business, pleasure, or somewhere in between here are a few travel tips that will help save you some money and better your travel experience. 1. If you don't have a meal plan at school, cook and pack some of your meals. Just simply packing your lunch everyday saves you roughly $10 a day, which amounts to roughly $300 a month. 2. “Skip the Starbucks and go for your home brew!” - Kay Tappan of the University of Florida 3. Avoid checking bags on planes, unless it is free. Pack less and don't be afraid to do laundry. It costs less than $5 to do a load of laundry, but checking a bag for $25+ just to br

Millennial Community Leaders Advance on NYC

Seventeen unique and diverse individuals from across the country came together to meet in New York City. Even though we had never physically met in person, we have always been united with a purpose. That purpose to change the conversation about millennials. Not a day goes by without seeing yet another social media post about millennials. It seems as if everyone has an opinion about us and because of the new technology we’ve created the conversation about the millennial generation gap has never been so much in the forefront. It feels as if we are constantly under the scrutiny of a microscope that we’ve built. Taking the opportunity to share our views with key influencers in media and business

Because I Can

Recently, a senior JWT executive accused the agency's CEO of sexism, racism, and harassment. In the wake of these accusations, the CEO has stepped down. Here's a link to an article on Adweek: As millennials begin to take more prominent roles in business a push for transparency through dialogue between businesses, employees, and customers has become more prominent. Thus creating an environment that allows whistleblowers to speak up and be heard. Based on your reaction from the article: 1. Would you be a whistleblower? Why or why not? 2. Do you believe that these incidents are generational, or will these persist when you