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15 Minutes Away

Walking away from tragedy puts everything in perspective. When disaster strikes, a wave ripples throughout the world, shaking people closest to the point of impact to their core. That’s exactly how Megan Driscoll felt as she stepped away unharmed from the arrival terminal of the Brussels International Airport. Megan was waiting to greet her best friend Briana Morrissey who was set to land just 15 minutes before the bombs exploded in the upper departure terminal of the airport. Taking off from JFK earlier than originally expected Monday was a positive change. It meant I would see Megan even sooner. As the crew prepared for decent, the pilot announced we were being rerouted to Amsterdam becaus

Too Many Megaphones

The most common misconception about social media is that it is necessary to use all platforms. The issue is there are too many platforms available to successfully communicate a cohesive message. In other words, yelling into every megaphone will turn your voice into static. The challenge is to find the right audience that will nurture a conversation. So how do we know which platform is most relevant to the message we are trying to communicate? The plan is just as important as the execution. Build a communication plan that provides guidance to how, when, and what posts should be published. With that, it is important to realize that ever post matters. Every piece of published content either add

If I were a ballpoint pen

There is something to be said about the current state of communication. By this I mean, the death of proper writing is rapidly approaching. It’s not that we have fully reached the point of demise, but we are gradually losing the ability to cut through the noise and express relative thought. It’s a shame because with so much technology and so many platforms for communication we find ourselves with very little understanding. The loss of vocabulary, spelling, and grammar cannot be fully attributed to technology; most of the blame lies with how we use it. We as millennials need to find a way to use less to say more. The expectation of an instantaneous response limits us from fully writing out ou